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2019 Summer Gypsy Camp in Romania


Romafest Gypsy Camp and the 28th.Romafest music & dance festival will be held at the Grand Lion hotel in Gornesti(Tg-Mures, Romania) and then we will move to Hungary for a week.

Anyone who is interested in Gypsy dances, music, language and culture can join.


This year, we are going to make the program even better, we will start in Romania, but then we will go to a fabolous Hungarian Gipsy village.  


Let’s study about both gipsy cultures, Transilvanian &  Hungarian!


Program Hungary

The holding period

July 31th(Wed) – Aug 2nd(Fri)


Place & Accommodations

Guest house Nagyecsed


Participation fees

300 Euros / per person

 *Included transfer fee from Romania

 * Dissolution in Hungary




July 31th(Wed)

     Moving from Romania to Hungary

     Workshop at night


Aug 1st(Thu)

     Hungarian gypsy dance workshop

     Hungarian Gypsy music & dance party at night


Aug 2nd(Fri)



Program Romania

Participation fees

* Pension Grand Lion (twin bedroom)

 Lessons 400 euros (inclouding demeals)

* Single room use , partial participation in the camp lessons, please contact us.

* Single lesson participation including one meal /

50 euros.

* One optional program participation / 50 euros


Tranfer fee

*From Cluj Airport → Grand Lion Transfer

100 Euros/ single person,

 50 Euros / group (2 or more people),

 per person

*FromTurg-Mures city → Grand Lion

10 euros/ per person


July 26th(Fri) Workshop at night

July 27th(Sat) Workshop in the before noon

          28th Romafest festival in the after noon

July 28th(Sun) Workshop at after noon

        Opsion1:Visiting Gypsy bazar

        Option2: Visiting Gypsy village

July 29th(mon)

Workshop in the before noon & after noon

       Option3: Visiting Gypsy village

July 30th(tue)    

    Workshop in the before noon & after noon

      Option4: Gypsy music & dance party

July 31th (Wed)



Program Serbia

In Serbia, the 29th Romafest Festival will be held!


Three different religions (Orthodox, Catholic, Muslim) Serbian gypsies will participate.

Different religions have different styles of dance.

Let's enjoy a all dance festival!


The Gipsy villages in Serbia have their own customs, Slaba.

At Slaba, you can see the great street dance of  young and old gypsies at midnight.

This is so fantastic! You must watch!


The holding period

Aug 3rd(Sat) – Aug 9th(Fri)


Participation fees

1200 Euros / per person

 *Included transfer fee from Belgrade Airport

 * Dissolution in Belgrade Airport



Aug 3rd(Sat) 

Meeting at Belgrade Airport at 20:00

Aug 4th(Sun)

 29th Romafest Festival

Aug 5th(Mon)

 Workshop in Novisad

Aug 6th(Tue)

        Workshop in Surčin

Aug 7th(Wed)

        Slava in Jakobo

Aug 8th(Thu)

        Slava in Surčin

Aug 9th(Fri)

       Dissolution at Belgrade Airport at 9:00

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